Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)
Here are some answers to your most commonly asked questions about Flea Control. Remember to contact your veterinarian if you have more specific questions or if you are concerned with any other pet health issues. He or she can provide the best counsel to you.

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Advantage Flea Control

Is Advantage easy to use?
Yes! Once a month, you simply apply a pre-measured dose from an easy-to-use applicator tube. Just part the hair between the shoulder blades of your dog or on the back of the neck of your cat. Then apply the solution on your pet's skin. That's all there is to it.

How fast does Advantage work?
Advantage is proven to stop fleas from biting in 3 - 5 minutes, providing the fastest relief. Fleas are killed within 12 hours of application. Re-infesting fleas start dying within one hour and all are killed within two hours.

Will Advantage still work if my pet goes swimming or takes a bath?
Advantage is water-resistant. It continues to work even when your pet gets wet. Advantage works against fleas even after a shampooing, swimming or exposure to rain or sunlight.

Is Advantage gentle enough to use on puppies and kittens?
Yes, Advantage is so gentle it can be used on puppies as young as seven weeks and kittens as young as eight weeks.

Does Advantage kill flea larvae?
Yes, one of the most notable benefits of Advantage is that it is larvicidal. Flea larvae that lurk where your pet plays and sleeps are killed within 20 minutes after coming in contact with Advantage. This larvicidal effect and the speed of kill of Advantage reduces the need for other environmental flea control products or growth inhibitors. It also inhibits larval development in the pet's surroundings by greater than 99 percent.

Can Advantage be used to prevent flea infestations on my pet?
Early prevention is key to keeping pets from infestation. Starting a regular flea control regimen like Advantage before the beginning of flea season allows cats and dogs to be healthy and happy all year. Advantage alone can kill fleas and keep further populations from developing, because it effectively breaks the flea life cycle, attacking it in multiple stages. Fleas that jump onto an Advantage-treated pet start dying within one hour and all are killed within two hours.

How can a few drops of Advantage protect my pet from fleas?
Once Advantage is applied to your pet, it spreads on the surface of the skin, aided by body movement, to provide whole body coverage. The revolutionary chemistry causes the flea's nervous system to become impaired, and the flea dies.

How gentle is Advantage on my pet?
Advantage is backed by extensive and thorough domestic animal safety studies that show even when administered at five times the target therapeutic dosage for three consecutive days, cats and dogs experienced no adverse effects. If you apply as recommended, you can be confident of the gentleness of Advantage on your pet.

Should my pet be clean before I apply Advantage?
It is not necessary, but to obtain best results, it is recommended your pet be clean of excess dirt and debris, and be dry before applying Advantage.

How often should I use Advantage?
A single Advantage treatment will provide flea control for up to one month on cats and at least a month on dogs. The pet may be treated as often as once weekly, if necessary.

Can I use Advantage year-round?
Yes, Advantage can be used year-round as a preventative measure against flea infestation. It is especially beneficial in areas of the country where fleas are a more serious problem throughout the year.

Will Advantage take care of all of my pet's flea problems?
With Advantage, adult fleas are killed before they can lay eggs. In addition to killing adult fleas, Advantage also kills flea larvae. So when applied monthly, the flea life cycle is attacked at multiple critical stages, breaking the flea life cycle. Research shows when using Advantage, other environmental control products or insect growth inhibitors are not needed to control fleas. Advantage is all you need to keep your pet flea-free.

My pet is pregnant, can I use Advantage on her?
As with any product, you should consult your veterinarian before using Advantage if your pet is pregnant or nursing.

What if I still see fleas after using Advantage?
Reinfesting fleas, which likely come from the pet's environment or outdoors, will be killed within two hours, with protection against further flea infestation lasting up to a month.

Frontline Flea & Tick Control

What is the difference between Frontline Top Spot and Frontline Plus?
Frontline Top Spot kills adult fleas and ticks on your pet for a month. Frontline Plus does the same thing but also inhibits the growth of eggs and larvae

How quickly does Frontline work on fleas and ticks?
Research shows Frontline will kill 94% of your pet's fleas within 12 hours of application and 100% within 18 hours. It will kill 95% of your pet's ticks within 18 hours of application and 100% within 48 hours.

Do fleas and ticks have to bite my pet for Frontline to work?
No, Frontline will kill your pet's fleas and ticks if they come into contact with your pet's coat within the post-application time periods mentioned in the above question.

I treated my pet with Frontline, but I still see fleas in my home. Why?
The fleas you see may have hatched from eggs that were laid before you began using Frontline. Regular application of Frontline to your pet will break the flea's life cycle.

How does Frontline kill fleas before they can lay eggs on my pet?
An adult flea must be present on your pet for at least 24 to 36 hours before it can lay eggs. Frontline will kill your pet's fleas within 18 hours of application...before they can lay eggs.

Can Frontline be re-applied before the 30-day treatment interval is up?
Frontline products do not need to be applied more than recommended.

My pet likes to go swimming. Will Frontline still be effective?
Many dogs love to go swimming given the opportunity. As Frontline is stored in the oil and glands of the skin, regular swimming will not reduce the effectiveness of Frontline against fleas or ticks. So your pet can enjoy the great outdoors just as much as you.

General Questions On Flea Control

Do I need a prescription for Advantage or Frontline?
No you do not need a prescription for these products. These, and most other products we sell, are over the counter, so you can order from us online and we will ship immediately.

Can Frontline or Advantage be used on pets other than dogs and cats?
No. they are intended for use on dogs and cats only.

What is an "IGR" and how does it work?
IGR or Insect Growth Regulator. IGRs act like growth hormones which affect the eggs and larvae of the flea and make them unable to change into the adult stage of development. Prevented from maturing, fleas are virtually unable to reproduce.

What other problems are associated with fleas?
The successive feeding (biting) of fleas on pets may elicit a hypersensitivity skin disorder known as flea allergy dermatitis (FAD). Secondary skin infections, tapeworms and even anemia are all medical problems associated with fleas. Most can become serious.

Why do fleas seem to be a non-stop nuisance?
Fleas will jump on your cat or dog, attracted by various stimuli such as body heat, movement and exhaled carbon dioxide. They bite to feed on the blood; then they produce eggs. Eggs drop from your pet to the ground or the carpet. The eggs develop into larvae and over time into adult fleas; then the life cycle starts all over again. A single flea can lay 20-25 eggs per day, so a "few" fleas can become "a lot" of fleas in a short time.

How do I find fleas on my pet?
The best way to find fleas on your pets is to use a flea comb. These plastic or metal combs have very fine teeth that trap the fleas and flea dirt. Comb your pet by the base of its tail and around its neck. If fleas are present you will see them or you may see what looks like pepper on the comb. This may be "flea dirt."

What is "Flea Dirt"?
Flea dirt is the feces of the flea and contains a lot of dried blood components. If your pet has flea dirt, your pet has fleas. Flea dirt looks like grains of pepper but many of the grains will have a J shape. You can be sure it is flea dirt if you take the black grains and place them on a wet paper towel. Flea dirt will stain the paper the color of blood, regular dirt will not.

My dog sleeps in bed with me, can I get fleas?
You can not be a host for fleas as they will not live on you for any length of time. However, fleas can bite people and often do in homes that have a lot of fleas. They are especially prone to bite people if no pets are available for any length of time


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